Welcome to the kPlaylist installer!
To install kPlaylist, you'll need a working and running copy of MySQL. This is a GPL product, please read the disclaimer of liability before you continue. If you do not agree with the disclaimer you must abort the installation and use of this product.

If you are installing kPlaylist for the FIRST time, you must enter a user and password to MySQL which has access to create a new database and a new users for kPlaylist. In most cases, the root user of MySQL should be used.

Click here to view what the installer is going to do. Click 'Continue' when ready to install !

Note! The root password will only be used to create the tables, a new user called prior with password ghjrcblbynfkbcn will be created for the operation of kPlaylist. If you like to change the name and password for this user, please edit the script, and click Reload.
MySQL user: default: prior
MySQL password: default: ghjrcblbynfkbcn
If you need to change the settings below, please edit them in the script and click Reload.
MySQL host:  
MySQL database:  

Drop database 'prior' (for full reinstallation; deletes all data in the database)
You'll find documentation here: kPlaylist Homepage